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Civil War

American Civil War

Any book tagged with this topic is either about the Civil War directly or focuses on a subject in the same time period and which, as a result, was heavily affected by the war. The American Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1864 and was characterized by the fighting between Northern and Southern states in the U.S. The war was based on profound disagreements over State's Rights, the issue of slavery, and economics. Many Southern states seceded from the Union in the months leading up to the outbreak of war, and declared themselve the Confederate States of America. They were led by Confederate President Jefferson Davis, while the Union was led by President Abraham Lincoln. Approximately 700,000 people died during the Civil War, which was equivalent to 2% of the population. The Civil War was a bloody and terrible conflict that often split families down the middle, until it was finally ended with a Union victory in 1865.