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Carolly Erickson

Carolly Erickson

Carolly Erickson is a historian and biographer with a doctorate in History from Columbia University. She taught college level history for several years before becoming a freelance writer. Erickson writes primarily biographies of royal figures, with a focus in English history, and has spent much time traveling and researching in England.

Erickson is well-known for her extraordinarily detailed and personal historical biographies, making her subjects approachable and relatable to the reader. She uses excerpts from letters, diaries, and other sources to flesh out the historical figures, often letting them tell their story in their own words. She also examines her subjects from a psychological standpoint, offering each understanding and criticism, making her biographies delightfully unbiased and well-rounded. Her writing is insightful and detailed, always smart and sometimes funny, always leaving the reader with a better understanding (if not appreciation) of people and history than they had before.

Erickson is also well-known for her historical fiction books, although these are not included in this list.